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Premium Umbrellas

Premium Umbrellas

Here’s where you’ll find our most expensive umbrellas. Brollies with that extra wow factor, which are sure to impress employees and clients alike. Here at Express Umbrellas, we are extremely pleased to have a selection of our top umbrellas all in one place, for you to look through.

What better way to advertise the spending power of your company than by getting a bulk order of our premium umbrellas with your name, logo or motto adorned on them. You’ll not only be keeping clients in the dry, but you’re also doing it with the highest quality umbrella you can get, covered in your company’s branding. If you’ve got a bit more to spend on umbrellas, then you’re in the right place.

Unbeatable quality

Quality is something that all of our umbrellas have in common, from our cheapest telescopic to our most expensive, double-canopied golf - we never skimp on it. We know that brand is paramount, so we’ll never let your name be printed on something that doesn’t share the same quality that your company has a passion for. We have built our whole brand on providing high-quality brollies, so we’d never dream of tarnishing our or your reputation with sub par quality products.

Umbrellas with a bit more

Our premium umbrellas all have something a little extra to them, be it size, venting, double canopies or fibreglass components. The wonderfully named Spectrum Golf Quadbrella is one of our premium products. Create the perfect four-sided brolly for your company by choosing from 11 aluminium stems, over 50 canopy colours and any print design you can think of - your imagination is the only thing limiting you. The four enormous panels will show off your brand for all to see.

The Concierge Large Golf Umbrella offers an understated and restrained design, which is certain to win over clients. An ergonomic pistol grip handle prevents any embarrassing umbrella-elopement scenarios. The Spectrum Sport Double Canopy Golf Umbrella offers double the space to print your brand onto, an inside and an outside canopy. Experiment with combinations of colours and designs and make something that you’ll be proud to have your name all over.

If you really want to impress your customers and clients, then any of our premium umbrellas will do very nicely indeed. Here at Express Umbrellas, we’ve got everything you need for you to make the perfect branded umbrella for your company or organisation.