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Telescopic Umbrellas

Telescopic Umbrellas

These are for when a full-size umbrella is just too much to carry around. Our fantastic range is full of umbrellas that are lighter and more portable than their older, longer established siblings.

A range of colours on each of our telescopic umbrellas means that you can choose the one that’s best for you and your company. We are proud to offer custom prints on the canopies, so you can stick your name, logo or motto onto your umbrellas to give out to employees or clients. It’s something that they’ll actually use and when in use, they’ll serve as great marketing for your brand.

Our catalogue is full of different sizes and shapes of canopies, because we know that a bulk order of umbrellas is something that you want to get right, so we’ve given you as much choice as possible so that you get the perfect umbrella for your company or organisation. A selection of prices means that we can cater for organisations of all sizes.

At the lower end you have the Vienna - low price, high-quality and a range of colours means that this will always be a winner. Towards the top end is the Lisbon (can you sense a theme?), one of our best selling telescopic umbrellas and you can see why - pearl effect canopy, comfortable rubber-coated handle and solid, windproof construction.

The fear when it comes to telescopic umbrellas is that they're susceptible to breaking, due to the number of moving parts and the often cheap build quality. It won’t look good on you if your brand is printed on umbrellas which break or get blown inside-out. At Express Umbrellas, we pride ourselves on our unbeatable build quality - wind-proofing ensures that our telescopic umbrellas won’t go inside-out in a strong gust. Our telescopic brollies are convenient, portable and long-lasting.