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Walking Umbrellas

Walking Umbrellas

The humble walking umbrella. It’s gone through several iterations since first being invented by the Chinese thousands of years ago (they were the first to waterproof parasols to make them useful in both sunny and rainy weather), but the basic idea has remained the same. At Express Umbrellas, we are proud to continue this millennia-old tradition with our comprehensive range of excellent walking umbrellas, available to buy in bulk, perfect for companies and other organisations that want to have a great gift to give out.

A great gift

All of our umbrellas have several options of canopy colours and we do custom print designs, so you can put your brand, logo or motto on the brollies. Umbrellas are the perfect way for you to advertise and market your company. Give them to your employees and, unlike pens and mugs, other people will actually be able to see them being used, since they’ll be used outside. Everyone uses umbrellas and they make the perfect gift. Your employees will then be doing a bit of old-fashioned advertising for you, without even realising, as they walk around in the rain.

Of course, it wouldn’t look good for your company if an umbrella with your logo plastered all over it fell apart or went inside-out in a gust of wind. That’s why our brollies are of the highest quality and are designed to be storm-proof. We will never sell you a product that we wouldn’t use ourselves. Everybody from the CEO to the office intern will be proud to use a product from Express Umbrellas.

Huge variety

A ludicrous amount of variety in canopy designs, handles and stems shows the commitment we have to giving you the most choice in umbrellas - we’re sure you’ll find the best one for you and your company. If you want more space to really do justice to your logo, then try the Coventry - the unique uneven panel design allows larger prints to go on the three larger panels. The Oxford offers tasteful, old-fashioned aesthetics over a robust, modern frame. A wooden stem and classic crook handle will show off your company’s quality, heritage and style sensibility.

We know that different companies and organisations will have different needs for space, background colour, size and, of course, budget. We strive to make our range as varied and comprehensive as possible to cover all customers and make sure that you can make your perfect branded umbrella.