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Golf Umbrellas

Golf Umbrellas

Big enough to keep you, your caddy, your golf cart and your entire extended family dry, the golf umbrella is the canopy under which your birdies or bogies can fly or fizzle out of.

Golf is the sport of choice when it comes to business and networking - what better way to show off your chops as a company than a game with potential clients, played underneath umbrellas with your brand or website printed on them. Golf umbrellas offer an extensive canvas on which to splash your name, logo and motto onto. You’re sure to make an impression with these.

Express Umbrellas is very proud to offer such a variety of these enormous brollies. Our catalogue ranges in colour, pattern, logo, price and functionality - the more choice you have, the more likely you’ll be able to find the perfect golf umbrella for you and your company. You can get custom designs printed, so that you can market your company while you’re on the golf course.

Go for our Spectrum Sport Double Canopy for even more space to show off the creativity and attractiveness of your brand. It combines the strength and storm-proofing of a double canopy with the added bonus of being able to print a different design on each of the canopies, one inside and one outside.

When you’re golfing, there’s nothing worse than getting your outfit wet or messing up a shot because of the rain - our umbrellas are designed to thrive in wet, windy and stormy weather. Ergonomic grips and canopies that won’t go inside-out will prevent embarrassment when it’s most important that your company look its best.

But, golfing isn’t all these brollies are for. Company picnics? Corporate retreats? Outdoor team building exercise? All these will benefit from several of our golf umbrellas. No more soggy sandwiches or water-logged wicker baskets.